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DGFects Discovery: user friendly full HD photo & video presentation software

DGFects Discovery is an advanced and powerful multimedia program that enables you to create beautiful, digital full HD (High Definition) productions by means of user friendly functions and tools. Dynamic productions that speak to everyone’s imagination. This multi track program is intuitive and versatile in use and offers you a wide range of possibilities. Visual shows can be exported as EXE presentations, screen savers and video.

Create breathtaking AV-productions in a trice

DGFects Discovery offers you the possibility to both edit and create an unlimited number of images and position each image in different sizes on the screen. The number of image tracks is unlimited. Images can be dragged and dropped to the image pool or directly in the timeline in various ways. Easily zoom in, zoom out, pan, rotate and fit image to screen or set custom zoom on individual images within your show. In addition the duration, transparency and visual effects can be altered in detail for each image. Numerous images can also be simultaneously be layered in various sizes and locations on the screen. And by means of advanced (soft-edge) masking technology the most divergent, beautiful dynamic visual effects can be realized in a trice.

And if you like to add music and sounds to your show the program offers you an unlimited number of audio tracks. For each audio file the desirable sound volume can be set in detail as well as edited with a variety of audio filters like echo and reverb.

By means of a clear synoptic timeline images and audio files can easily be exchanged, altered and synchronized fast and easy!

DGFects Discovery: software program with unlimited possibilities

Seeing is believing!  Our program offers you a wide range of exciting possibilities. Your creativity is limited only by the power of your computer hardware. The program is very compact (less than 4 MB), does not require any program specific Dynamic Linked Libraries (DLL’s) and can be installed quick and easy on your computer.

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